Customer Insights Management Platform

Collect, organize and connect user insights. Enhance your agile, data-driven product development.
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Stop developing for your users and start developing with them. Stay in touch with users and find out more about their wishes, needs and motivation.

  • Conduct user tests online and directly via the platform
  • Recruit members of your target audience from all over the world
  • Approach individual study designs for your individual problem in a strategic manner
  • Use qualitative and quantitative surveys to collect objective, statistically significant data

Get a complete overview of your information concerning your target audience instead of simply accumulating more data. Make informed decisions based on facts.

  • Keep your definition and view of the target audience consistent company-wide
  • Elaborate personas and target audiences collaboratively
  • Systematize insights and implicit knowledge
  • Support decisions using relevant metrics and KPIs

Use our automated KI-based analyses to uncover hidden connections. Provide decision-makers with relevant information and visualize your success.

  • Intelligent text analysis and search across all of your knowledge base
  • Proactive suggestions for future user tests
  • Objective benchmarking and comparisons between iterations of your product
  • Seamless integration into your workflow via connection to product management tools
Coming Soon.
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